Conferencia action research: What is it? How to do it?

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El Doctorado Interinstitucional en Educación invita a la doble conferencia que se realizara como parte del ciclo de conferencias del Seminario Miradas Contemporáneas en Educación invita a estudiantes y profesores de idioma extranjero; específicamente del inglés, a conocer estrategias para el aprendizaje y enseñanza de una segunda lengua.

Action Research: What is it? How to do it? This presentation focuses on Action Research (AR): its definitions, how it compares to traditional educational research, and how it can be used as an empowering means of professional development. Practical aspects of how to conduct AR will be explored along with examples AR questions, successful projects, and the conditions necessary to facilitate AR projects Abstract: Strategic Knowledge and Language Learning The lecture Strategic Knowledge and Language Learning will present the tenets behind first and second language learning. The author contends that for masteritng language it is necesary to resort to different types of knowldge and each type calls for strategies to attain comprehension and expression. It is argued that most classroom pracitices favor declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge and that it is necessary to integrate strategic knowledge

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